Skype Sucks

8 August 2008

Skype is the worst IM that I’ve ever seen: it’s totally unreliable!

  • Messages are not always delivered (if the other party is not online)
  • Contact requests are not delivered (if the other party is not online)
  • The contact list does not show the current statuses (after some time it silently updates itself)

Sorry but these are not just bugs, these are blockers.

And they ask themselves why business users do not buy more non-free services…

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Number One

7 April 2008

A colleague of mine suggested that I should start a blog, especially because I recently moved to Dubai, UAE. It seemed that this is a good enough reason to start writing, but it is not the only one: as people often say that I do not speak a lot, I wanted to see if I have something to say when writing to the “general public”.

So, let’s see if I “find some time” to post.